go from broke & basic to a baddie on a budget!

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go from broke & basic to a baddie on a budget!

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hey baddie!

Are you on a mission to straighten out your finances?

Have you been trying to figure out this whole ‘budgeting’ thing?

Are you ready to leave BROKE out of your vocabulary?

Are you ready to be Intentionally Rich?!


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you are right where you belong!

WARNING: In this space, we stack our coins and get to the bag!

If you are:

New to budgeting and don’t know where to start
Tired of being broke & ready for financial freedom
Wanting to break free from years of misusing your funds
Ready to understand your finances in a way that sets you up for financial success 

Ready to learn how to build wealth that will set you up for years to come

My Intentionally Rich Membership has space for you!

Hey Girl! I am Jasmine

- the CEO and founder of Baddies & Budgets. Not too long ago, I was right where you are. 

Tired, broke, and frustrated! I was getting ready to turn 30, and was in so much debt with no job or plan … 

It was either sink OR swim … and that is when I started Cash Stuffing. Fast forward 2 years later - I am now OUT OF DEBT, owner of my own company, buying my dream home, and stacking my coins! I know EXACTLY how it feels to be stressed and depressed about paying bills – so now I am passionate about helping girlies who were just like me, get out of debt, save their money, build wealth that will impact generations after them, and LIVE the life they have ALWAYS dreamed of.

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In this membership, you will have access to exclusive:

Content before it’s released to the public
Baddies & Budget tools and resources such as templates
Challenges and Live Trainings & Replays
Tips and Budgeting hacks + Freebies
Live Q&A’s with guests
REAL-TIME support where you can answer your questions and have them answered by me!

This is MORE than a membership - it's a community where other Baddies on the same mission, get together and support one another. 


You aren’t just building a bag - you are breaking out of OLD limiting mindsets, creating financial stability, and forming a sisterhood with other like-minded baddies!

Angela Brown

I get so much encouragement watching your videos! If you can do it, I can too. To date I have paid off over 18,000 in credit card and loan expenses!!!! And yes! I have cut up my cards! It was scary, but satisfying!
Thank you for your videos!

Carol Yates

Love the wallets and challenge book. I've saved about $2000 in about 3 months and have my month ahead for my bills going in the bank next week. I have my whole family living out of the wallets for weekly spending and they love it. Thanks for all the great products.

Alejandra Jimenez

100% recommend! It has helped me be financially free as a single mom is extremely hard to maintain a budget. But these have saved my life literally ! From emergencies, to just having some for mommy time! So thank you for being a blessing!

Whether you are a single mom, a college student, or a woman looking to break out of generational poverty, we all have ONE GOAL → Build a budget & live financially FREE!

Come learn how to secure your funds, sis!


You’re going to love it here.

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